About Emmons Pump & Control, Inc.

The leading pump supplier in Albany and all of Upstate New York

Emmons Pump & Control, Inc began with the purchase of Starkweather Supply in 1993. The initial goal was to become the leading pump supplier in Upstate New York.

Emmons Pump & Control, Inc began with the focus of distributing Hydromatic Wholesale and Engineered Pumps. Other lines including SJE/Rhombus, Aurora Pump, and Topp Fiberglass Basins were quickly added to meet customer demands. It was soon determined service and repair were a key component in capturing greater market share.

The purchase of Irv’s Electric Motors in October of 1997 provided EPC with over 17 years of experience of pump and motor repairs. This paved the way for Emmons Pump & Control, Inc to have the ability to trim impellers, laser align pumps, rehab entire stations, prepackage custom fiberglass systems and solve a variety of customer problems.

Development of field service has provided a service to many new customers and has been a great marketing tool to highlight EPC’s expertise and problem solving ability. EPC has developed relationships with countless municipalities in servicing pumping stations in the field. Our expertise is of great value to many private and commercial accounts through maintenance agreements and on demand service.

In addition to these services Emmons Pump & Control, Inc provides the largest stock of pumps and related items in the region. EPC stocks over 200 pumps at all times including pumps for sump, sewage, grinders, and cutter applications. Control systems, guiderails, valves, floats, and a large selection of fiberglass basins are available for immediate delivery.

Another exciting product is the Puraflo alternative wastewater treatment system. This system provides a solution for failed and troubled leachfields, waterfronts with limited land, or other sites encountering treatment issues. Puraflo filtration systems are stocked along with a variety of Onsite Wastewater products.

In the fall of 2008, Emmons Pump & Control, Inc moved into a larger facility that will facilitate growth and efficiency. Our location, in Albany, is just off I90 and 787 which is a convenient location for customer pick ups and for immediate response to customer emergencies. The larger space allows for continued inventory growth, additional pump and motor testing, and an opportunity to expand consumer education and training.

Our commitment to the education of the consumer is evident in the Training Facility in Albany. Seminars that educate industry leaders in the areas of pump maintenance, control troubleshooting, pump sizing, and technology advance are regularly offered. Emmons Pump & Control has recently partnered with The State University at Delhi to offer state mandated “continuing education” credits in the field of Onsite Wastewater Alternative Technology. We are always happy to host such an event or travel to the customer’s facility.

Our people are committed to customer service and bringing innovative quality products designed to advance the pump industry. Emmons Pump & Control, Inc. looks forward to being a partner during the design, sale, installation, and service of your next pump system.